Mission Statement:

BU Bikes is an all-inclusive student-run organization that strives to make biking accessible to the BU community by improving the cycling experience. We promote bicycling as an environmentally friendly, healthy, and fun means of transportation around campus and throughout Boston through education, safety resources, advocacy, and group rides.

If you are looking to race, check out the BU Cycling Team.

BU Bikes was founded by a group of BU students and staff in 2008 who loved to bike and saw a need to voice concerns over improving the bicycling experience on-campus.

Club Officers

  • Fall 2013 – Spring 2014
    • President: Benjamin Goodman
    • Vice President: Eric Wong
    • Secretary: Oscar Huang
    • Treasurer: David Miller
    • Jimmy C. Chau
    • Advisor: Dan Kamalic
  • Fall 2012 – Spring 2013
    • President: Benjamin Goodman
    • Vice President: Kerry Aszklar
    • Secretary: Noel Poindexter
    • Treasurer: John Blackler
    • Jimmy C. Chau
    • Advisor: Dan Kamalic
  • Fall 2010
    • President: John Blackler- CAS ’13
    • Vice President: Noel Poindexter – CAS ’13
    • Treasurer: John Shin – CAS ’12
    • Secretary: Bre Lewis – CAS ’13
    • Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dan Kamalic- ENG IT
  • Fall 2009
    • President: Greg Hum – CAS ’10
    • Vice President: Alex Boyd – CAS ’11
    • Treasurer: Antonio D. – CAS ’10
    • Secretary: Melody Feo – CAS ’11
    • Faculty/Staff Advisor: Seth Pritikin – SSW IT
  • Fall 2008 – Spring 2009
    • President: Jack Gutbrod – CAS ’09
    • Vice President: Sonya Savchenko – CAS ’11
    • Treasurer: Galen Mook – UNI ’09.
    • Secretary: Greg Hum – CAS ’10.
    • Faculty/Staff Advisor: Seth Pritikin – SSW IT
2 Responses to “About”
  1. Georgie Nink says:

    Hi BU Bikes,

    I would like to let you know about an internship opportunity that might interest BU students. The position is a Campus Ambassador for Rising Green, a one-year-old company that’s helping students find jobs, internships and study abroad programs in the environment and sustainability sectors. You can read more about us at risinggreen.com/page/about

    We’re planning to reach out to the Boston University this fall, so we need a Campus Ambassador who will work with the career office, environmental and business departments, and student groups and newsletters to spread the word about Rising Green, as well as organize events to connect students with experienced professionals. It’s a great opportunity for one BU student to gain marketing and networking experience and earn a scholarship award.

    Online application and full job description: http://www.risinggreen.com/campus-ambassador-program
    Application deadline: September 26, 2012

    Please share this information with any students who might be interested in applying, or other relevant professors or administrators. Let me know if you have any questions about Rising Green or the Campus Ambassador position! Thank you,

    Georgie Nink
    Rising Green, Campus Ambassador Program Coordinator
    (414) 828 7308 / georgie@risinggreen.com

  2. bubikes says:

    Thank you, Georgie. We will spread the word — but it might be best for you to contact the BU Environmental Students’ Organization at http://www.environmentalstudentorg.blogspot.com/ . They would probably be best able to spread the word.

    Thanks and good luck!

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