The school year is coming to an end which means some new things for our club. 3 of our 4 board members are graduating seniors (including myself). This means we need replacements! Hannah Gibson and Aloysius Kringen will be joining the team along with our current treasurer David Miller. That means we need one more person. If you are interested please let us know.

What does being a board member mean?

Help out our crew by joining us for: Group rides, advertising club events, supporting us at tabling events, and being super cool!

You DO NOT need to be a pro bike racer or know bike mechanics to be a board member (but you should be willing to learn). The only actual commitment is your signature at the beginning of the semester so our club can be recognized as an official SAO organization.

NOTE: You don’t have to be a board member to do all the previously mentioned activities. Everyone should come to our events and help promote our mission.

Upcoming events:

Group ride – Sunday, 27. Meet at Marsh plaza ( mid day)

Semester end wrap-up meeting – Friday, May 2?

During this time we will officially elect our new board and discuss the groups plans for next semester. This event is open to everyone. Bring food if you want. If Friday doesn’t work for anyone we can talk about a different day.

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