For the students who want to be able to have a bike on campus but who cannot afford to buy a bike to have at school, now is your opportunity. The Free Bike Project is coming to BU and their mission is to provide free bikes to college students. There are 25 bikes being sent to BU. There are still some bikes left so sign up now!


4 Responses to “Free Bikes Project”
  1. Rodrigo Valdes says:

    Hi Free Bike Project!

    I’m definitely interested in getting the opportunity to have a bike as I live so far, yet still on campus. It would be super helpful.

    Thank you,

    Rodrigo Valdes

  2. Ben Goodman says:

    There are still 9 bikes left for BU. Sign up on line to get one

  3. Kimberly Friend says:

    Hi, I just saw this posting and I’ve been trying every which way to get a bike to make my commute to campus easier. Do you, by any chance, have any more bikes left or know of how I might be able to get one? Unfortunately, paying for a bike is simply not in my budget.



  4. Ben Goodman says:

    All 25 bikes have been scooped up by students. However there is a chance that the FBP might be bringing a few more bikes for next semester. Alos, because the leases only last for the year unless you are a senior then you can always apply to get a bike next school year. We will keep the group posted if any more bikes become available.

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