After attending the first night of the 2009 Boston Bicycle Film Festival yesterday, I now have a new-found appreciation for Louie Evans, the man you’ve probably seen riding around Boston, hand-built bike trailers, bike racing through the snow in Alaska, and the birth of the mountain bike and mountain biking as we know it. It was really wonderful to see how bicycle culture has evolved in so many different ways, and especially hilarious to see that “Performance” video that generated quite a buzz a little while ago.

Fortunately, almost all of these films are available for you to watch on the internet, so here are all the ones I could find (some are only trailers). I couldn’t find John Allen’s video critique of biking in a Manhattan bike lane.


Louie from Brian Moore on Vimeo.

Doug’s Bicycle Trailers:


Farm Raised

Bieks not bombs:

Commuting Study:

Fat Bike


Klunkers. The birth of mountain bikes and mountain biking. Here’s the trailer, and if you’re interested in watching the full-length feature please consider supporting the filmmaker by buying a copy of the DVD

Also, thanks to Mass Bike for providing excellent bike valet service during the film fest.

2 Responses to “2009 Boston Bike Film Fest – Friday’s Film Roundup”
  1. Billy Savage says:

    Posting the illegal link to Klunkerz is kind of a bummer. That’s exactly the reason why I’m still six-figures in the hole on the film and why I’ll probably never pay it off if I live to be 100. Those sites will be the death of all the small filmmakers like me and there’s no way to stop them. I’m not saying I ever expected to actually make money on the film, but I didn’t expect to lose everything. Support the arts and don’t rip off the artists.

  2. greg says:

    Billy, you’ve made an excellent point. I’ve removed the link.

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