At today’s A-B Bikes meeting, Chris told me she spotted three cars with parking violation tickets on North Harvard Ave, which, in case you haven’t heard, was freshly repaved, repainted with bike lanes, and marked with no standing signs:

I was a bit skeptical of what Chris told me she saw, since I had yet to see any car ticketed for parking in a bike lane in Boston, let alone North Harvard Ave. where the bike lane’s been used as a constant parking lane since its existence, (though I have seen cops whisk away drivers parked in the Comm Ave. bike lane) so I decided to check it out myself. Upon arrival, I found two cars parked in the bike lane:

I was surprised to see two tickets affixed to each vehicle; one orange ticket under the wiper and one white ticket shoved on the outside of the driver’s window.

Upon further inspection, this is what the white ticket said:

It was indeed an official City of Boston violation citing a $75 fine for parking in a no standing zone. Hmm, the new bike ordinance states a $100 fine for parking in a bike lane. They must have not updated the tickets yet. So if this was the actual violation ticket, then what was the orange ticket? Whipping around to the windshield, this is what I found:

A fake parking violation ticket with a sense of humor! I’ve seen this idea on the internet before but never in action.
The note was definitely a nice, informative touch. And In case you’re wondering, the Lincoln did have a nice big Harvard U bumper sticker in the rear.

Speaking of fake parking tickets, I’m a fan of NYC-based Times-Up’s Bike Lane Liberation Clown Brigade, a ride that dresses up as clowns before giving out fake tickets:

So props to both the rogue biketivist for the awesome fake ticket (As far as I know, whoever wrote it wasn’t a BU/A-B biker) and BPD for actually being on top of writing parking violations with the addition of the bike lanes. We’ve seen a lot of skeptical feedback about enforcement of the new ordinance, but hopefully what I saw tonight is indicative of what’s more to come.

Update: It seems we have a very likely suspect for the “rogue biketivist” leaving fake parking tickets on cars parked in the North Harvard Ave bike lane: fellow Bostonbiker blogger Zero Combustion, who has not only been ranting about the bike lanes all summer, but yesterday actually mentioned wanting to leave fake tickets herself. The tickets she bought online match what I saw last night. Though at $4.99 per fake ticket, handing out more will likely be a very costly endeavor.
And thanks m2mayer for pointing this out.

Update 2
: yeah, it was Zero Combustion. And apparently you can buy 100 packs of those tickets on Amazon for $15.

6 Responses to “Bike Lane Enforcement On North Harvard Ave.”
  1. m2mayer says:

    Zero Combustion posted on this the other day, she may be the rogue biketivist.
    Zero Combustion

  2. Aaron says:

    Maybe some of the local bike stores could sponsor the purchase of more fake tickets for local riders to use? Better yet, maybe they could design their own…

  3. Chris D. says:

    hey… if we can get funding for the tickets, I’m MORE than happy to join the effort!
    Chris D.

  4. Rena says:

    I’ve seen fake tickets made for SUVs/gas guzzlers, but never for parking. I applaud this behavior (the ticketing, not the parking).

  5. Phnepsilon says:

    In regards to the culprit, I am not convinced “Zero Combustion” is responsible. Why would someone announce that they were about to do something incriminating? More likely, someone noticed the blogger’s post, was inspired, and decided to act.

    Even if they were the same kind of ticket, it doesn’t mean much. Doing my own detective work I quickly found similar tickets on Google: and for cheap! You seemed pretty quick to come to a conclusion about where the blogger bought them and how much they paid… how do we know it wasn’t /you/, greg?

    What I think we’re actually seeing here is something larger. People, independently, realizing that they can not depend on protection from a source that does not have vested interest in their safety. It’s not about “taking the law into their own hands,” it’s about… it’s about… not getting hit by car doors. I’m sure Zero Combustion isn’t the only cyclist who doesn’t want to get hit by a car door.


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